Glossary of Terms

Online blackjack is not only a table card game but is also a strategy game. This implies that a player must be conversant with some of the terms used at a blackjack table. Of course, not all terms will come in handy while playing but there are some which will really improve your odds of winning if applied correctly. For instance, terms such as doubling down, hitting, splitting, insurance, surrender etc. will definitely have an impact on the odds present at the table. Here are some important terms used at Aura Game:

Action – Any gambler must have come across this term while playing for real money. It refers to the amount of money played in a specific session. For instance, if you place ten bets each worth $4, the total action is $40.

Bankroll – This is the total amount of money a player wishes to play with during a particular session. Some sites call it the stake.

Bust – This is where the total hand value goes above 21. If the player busts, he/she automatically loses. The same rule applies to the dealer. However, if both the dealer and player bust, the player loses to the casino.

Burn Card – This is the card located at the top or the front of the deck after every reshuffle. The dealer usually takes this card and places it in the discard tray. This card my or may not be revealed to the players.

Cage – This is the cashiers shop. A blackjack cage is where all monetary transactions such as buying and redeeming chips are carried out.

Chips – These are plastic coins used at a blackjack table. Each chip comes with its own value. For instance, Black chips are worth $100 while red chips go for $25. Blackjack chips have no value outside the casino.

Comp – These are loyalty points offered to players when they gamble with real money. At land based casinos, comp points can be redeemed for meals, hotel rooms and more. At online casinos, you can redeem these points for real money prizes.

Counter – This refers to the person or machine responsible for counting blackjack cards.

Cut Card – This is a plastic card given to a player after each reshuffle. This card is used to cut the deck. Its main purpose is to eliminate card counting.

Drop Percentage – This is the portion of money a casino takes from a player’s original stake due to the house edge. For instance, if the house edge is 10% and your bankroll is $50, you will eventually lose $5 to the casino.

Flat Bet – This is a constant bet size for all the hands. For instance, if you bet with $30 for all hands without changing the amount, this is a flat bet.

Foreign Chip – This is a chip issued by one casino but can be redeemed at another casino for real money.

Hard Hand – This is a hand where the Ace card has a value of 1.

Head On – This is where you and the dealer are the only one at the table. There are no other players.

High Roller – Also called a big spender. This is a player who places very huge bets per hand.

Hit – Taking an extra card.

Hole Card – This is any card which is dealt face down. The dealer is the one who has a face down card. He/she exposes it after all players have played.

House edge – This refers to the advantage the casino has over the player.

Insurance – This is a side bet which the player places if the dealers up card is an Ace. It’s usually up to 50% of the original stake and players win 2:1.

Junket – This is a group of players who travel together to gamble at a casino. The casino organizes the junket.

Late surrender – This is where a player surrenders if the dealer doesn’t have a natural blackjack. The player retains 50% of the best if the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack, otherwise he/she loses.

Pair – When a player gets two cards of the same value.

Pat Hand – This is a hand with a value between 17 and 21.

Pit Boss – A casino employee who supervises all players and dealers within a specific pit.

Play Upcard – A card which is dealt face up.

Push – Where the dealer’s and player’s hand have the same value.

Running Count – This is the total point count from hand to hand. It starts from the start of the deck or shoe.

Shill – A casino employee who pretends to be a player so as to attract players to a particular table.

Soft hand – A blackjack hand in which the Ace card is counted as 11.

Stand – Not taking an extra card when it’s your turn to play.

Toke – This is another term for tipping the dealer.