About us

Even though Aura Game is a blackjack review site, we have a reliable customer support and a committed review team. Every now and then, some guests might want clarification on some tips and strategies. Keep in mind that there are many variations of blackjack each of which comes with a unique set of rules.

How to contact us

If you have any disputes or are stranded, you should contact us via support@auragame.com. Our customer support team will try its best to reply within 24 hours after submitting your query. To make it easier for us, you should try to be more precise about the matter at hand. For instance, you should mention the blackjack variant and number of decks if you desire to know if the strategy will still apply in that variation.

There are also other alternative contact options for players who don’t like emails. We have provided a telephone number which is active during the day and weekdays. Contacting us via telephone is faster but more expensive. With time, we will introduce other contact options such as live chat features which are cheaper and effective.

Keep in mind that you must provide your email address and name while contacting us.

Our Team – The Heart of the Site

Creating a review website is one thing, running it is another task. Any website is just as god as those managing it. Aura Game is one of the best blackjack review site. It’s not easy to find a review site with free games, trainers, strategies and tips. In short Aura Game comes as a whole package.

All the credit goes to our team members who have dedicated their time and money in running and carrying out site maintenance. In addition, each individual is a team player who comes up with new ideas and collects latest news about blackjack games. This ensures that all our guests are at par with what’s trending. Here are our best team members:

  • Joseph – Has a passion for both online and offline blackjack games. When the site is looking for new information, Joseph has always been there to provide what’s hot. He has reliable sources which makes him the backbone of Aura Game.
  • Hendricks – He is a dedicated article writer for our site. Without him, we would have been trying hard to make ends meet in content and articles department. Hendricks is also very reliable in providing blackjack tips and guidelines. In fact, he has a lot of experience in online gaming.
  • Wayne – Any entertainment features such as free games and trainers are all the works of Wayne. He is the best when it comes to entertainment – whether it’s online, offline or free gaming. If there was an annual award for a team member who digs deep, Wayne would have walked away with it. Honestly, he is an irreplaceable team member.
  • William – Owning a graduate degree from Oxford University, William is very a very innovative and creative member. He comes with rich business background and technical skills which keep the site moving forward.

Why we are the best

Of course, our reliable and ever friendly customer support team makes us the best. Putting that aside, there other fascinating features which will blow your mind. For instance, our site is decorated with types of blackjack games, how to play, tips, rules and more. In addition, all these features are categorized.

Online gambling sites are known to host the largest number of blackjack games. All these variants are addressed here at Aura Game. We are also there for land-based blackjack lovers. The best thing about blackjack games is that rules are basically the same on both online and land-based variants.

As a new player, you should know that each variant has unique tweaks which might alter the rules of the games. For instance, Blackjack Switch allows players to switch their cards before hitting. This feature is not available in Spanish 21 variant. That’s not all! Every variant has its own house edge.

Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is everyone’s favorite table card game. The reason is simple – it has very simple rules. Even though blackjack’s basic strategy might appear complicated at a glance, a few free game will do the trick.

Newbies should know that blackjack games are fully strategic – they don’t rely on luck and chance. This is a good feature as players can beat the house edge by simply applying the perfect strategy. You should keep in mind that the basic strategy doesn’t guarantee a win but reduces the house edge.

Your way forward

To perfect your blackjack skills, you should take advantage of free trainers available at Aura Game. These trainers can also record your moves hence you will be able where you went wrong. Once you have mastered a specific strategy, you can play real money blackjack games and win real prizes.