Blackjack games are purely strategic. This implies that you will rely on your skills if you want to win more and lose less. Both newbies and casual blackjack players will always find tips and strategies useful when playing for real money. Keep in mind that any move made can either increase or decrease the odds of winning. This is where Aura Game comes in handy. Here, you will find all blackjack tips. Some of them include:

Don’t play if you haven’t mastered the Basic Strategy

Blackjack’s basic strategy is the only thing that will help you improve your odds of winning with each hand. In addition, it can enable you reduce the house edge to as low as 0.5%. This implies that you will get to pocket a huge percentage of your wins. Players should know that using the basic strategy isn’t a straight ticket to the prize. It only guides you.

You cannot beat the game completely

The basic strategy and card counting can help you to reduce the house edge to as low as 0.4%. However, beating modern blackjack casinos is almost impossible. You will not always win with each hand. Have an open mind while playing. Expect some losses here and there. This way, you will maintain your focus even if you lose.

Be aware of the insurance

If the house offers you insurance, don’t take it. There is a high chance that the dealer’s down card is not a 10. Insurance should only be taken if you have the feeling that the dealer has a blackjack or if you are counting cards. Counting cards at online blackjack can be somehow tricky as cards are dealt using a computer software.

Surrender option

Some online casinos allow players to take the surrender option. This is where you turn over your cards after the first two cards are dealt without playing. In doing so, you will give up a half of your original bet.

There are two types of surrender – early and late surrender. Early surrender is where a player gives up his/her cards before the dealer call a Blackjack while late surrender occurs after the dealer checks a Blackjack. Early surrender increases your odds of winning by 0.7% while late surrender increases odds of winning by 0.06%. Therefore, you should always go for tables that offer early surrender.

Don’t be Greedy

Know when to walk away. This can be quite hard if you are on a winning streak. Keep in mind that your luck might change at any instance. Also, you shouldn’t try to recoup your losses. To be on the safe side, have a winning and losing limit and stick to it.

Stay sober

Online blackjack is a strategy based casino game. You will need your mind more than your muscles. Therefore, you should never gamble if you are exhausted or drunk. Take a break from the game after long hours of play.

Splitting Tips

If you get a pair of 10s, you should never split them. This is an excellent hand as its value is very close to 21. The only way that the dealer can beat you here is if he/she gets a 21.

In situations where you get two 8s, split them. A pair of 8s has a value of 16 which is the worst possible hand in Blackjack. Splitting this hand will not only give you a better chance of winning but will also save you some money.

If you get a pair of 5s, you shouldn’t split them. Here, you have a total value of 10 and the best move is to double down and get an additional card. Take a situation where you have split two 5s and get two 10s – you will have created two bad hands out of two good hands.

Doubling Down Tips

Doubling down is supposed to increase your odds of winning. Here are some instances in where you should apply it:

  • If the dealer’s hand is at most 9 and you have a total of 10.
  • If you get a soft 13 and 14 while the dealer has a 5 or 6.
  • Double down when the dealer has 4, 5 or 6 and you have a total of 9.
  • If your hand is 11 and the dealer’s up card is an Ace or 10.
  • If you get a soft 17 and a soft 18 while the dealer has a 3-6.

Hard Hands

A hard hand is where you get a total value of 12 or more. Here you should:

  • Stand if you get 17 or more.
  • Stand if the dealer has a 2 to 6 while you have a 12 to 16.
  • Hit if the dealer has 7 or higher while you have 12 to 16.

Blackjack games are very simple to understand. You don’t have to be good at mathematics to win. All you have to do is to follow the basic strategy and you are good to go.