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Some blackjack sites worth checking out – Everyone who looks for some information in the internet must come across Wikipedia. is a page featured on Wikipedia. This page contains all the useful information about blackjack games.

What about card counting?

Card counting is the most efficient technique suitable for reducing the house edge. Just as the name suggests, players must count the cards as they are dealt. This way, one can predict how many Aces and 10 value cards are left in the deck. Unfortunately, card counting will not be effective on some blackjack casinos. Here are some sites which might contain useful information on card counting. – This site provides blackjack fanatics with a card counting software. This software is very useful to online gamblers who find card counting to be almost impossible. However, there are two versions of this software – free version and full version. Of course, you must purchase the full version which comes with more features. To get this software, simply go to and search Casino Vérité Blackjack Lite software.

Awesome Blackjack Books – This is the most reputable online shop. Beat the Dealer is a great book for blackjack fanatics which is found at It has sold over 500000 copies worldwide hence it’s legit. It was written by Edward O. Thorp who is an expert gambler with many years of experience in blackjack gaming. The book is very cheap – about $11.

The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book is also available on It has in depth information about blackjack games and goes for about $11.

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